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RECIPE: Sweet Potato and Bean Patties with Juicy Curry Rice

Hallu. Ca va? I’m pleased to tell you, that I’ve got another great recipe for you. It was amazing, I LOVED it. It’s inspired by this recipe for Easy Sweet Potato Burgers with Avocado from Healthy Happy Life. And I recommend anyone that follows a vegan diet, should use that recipe, as I’m sure it’s incredible. I decided to serve it with a fluffy Basmati Rice with a lovely, spicy, fruity, juicy (…) Curry Sauce. Here’s what I did:

RECIPE: Sweet Potato and Bean Patties with Juicy Curry Rice 

1. Bake a Sweet Potato. How long this will take, depends entirely on the sweet potato, I usually start checking after about 40mins. Remember to “fork” the potato a couple of times, so it doesn’t explode.
2. Whilst that’s happening, you might as well get on with the rest. I used some of this soup as my base, but basically for the sauce, you want to caramelize some chopped leek, then add 1 carrot.
3. Keep adding vegetable stock until the carrot is cooked.
4. When the carrot is cooked, is probably the sort of time, when you want to start thinking about cooking your rice. Ok, not just thinking, cooking your Basmati Rice.
5. Puree the carrot-leek mix.
6. Add half a jar of tomato puree, chili powder/cayenne pepper, curry powder, salt and sugar.
7. Finish the sauce just before you serve with 1/2 can of fruit cocktail.
8. For the patties: Mash up 1 can of white beans with the sweet potato (without skin).
9. Mix in Parsley (even if you don’t like it, I don’t like it either, trust me! P.S. I used frozen, but freshly chopped obviously works as well), Emmentale Cheese, Salt, and Garlic Powder.
10. In a shallow bowl, mix breadcrumbs with some freshly ground pepper (I insist you don’t use the gross, really powder-y stuff!)
11. Shape the Sweet Potato and Bean mix into little patties and cover them in the breadcrumb mix (it’s easier to shape them, if you wetten your hands with cold water)
12. Spray both sides of the patties with fat spray and put in the oven at 220° until lovely golden and crispy.
13. Mix the rice with the sauce and arrange with the crispy patties et voilà🙂

1. Die Süßkartoffel im Ofen backen. Die Dauer ist komplett davon abhängig, wie groß die Süßkartoffel ist, ich fange normalerweise an zu nachzuschauen, wenn sie für 40 Minuten im Ofen war. (Achtung: Nicht vergessen die Süßkartoffel ein paar Mal mit einer Gabel zu stechen, damit sie nicht explodiert)
2. Währenddessen die Sauce für den Reis beginnen. Ich habe als Basis ein paar Esslöffel von dieser Suppe benutzt, falls man nicht gerade zufällig davon hat, einfach klein geschnittenen Lauch karamellisieren. Dann eine Möhre beifügen und solange immer wieder mit Gemüsebrühe auffüllen, bis die Möhre gekocht ist. Anschließend pürieren.
3. Kurze Unterbrechung der Sauce: Basmati Reis abkochen.
4. Ein halbes Glas Tomatenpuree, Salz, Cayenne Pfeffer, Zucker und Curry Pulver hinzufügen. Vor dem Servieren noch eine halbe Dose Fruchtcocktail unterrühren und anschließend mit dem Reis mischen.
5. Für den Patti Mix: Eine Dose weiße Bohnen und die Süßkartoffel (ohne Schale) mit einer Gabel zerdrücken und anschließend mit etwas EmmentalerPetersilie (auch wenn ihr keine mögt! Ich mag Petersilie auch überhaupt gar nicht, aber vertraut mir hier!), Knoblauchpulver, und Salz vermischen.
6. In einer flachen Schale Semmelbrösel mit einer großzügigen Prise Pfeffer vermischen.
7. Die Süßkartoffel-Bohnen Masse in kleine Patties formen (das ist einfacher wenn man seine Hände vorher kurz unter kaltes Wasser hält) und anschließend in der Semmelbrösel Mischung wenden. Sie sollten vollkommen bedeckt sein.
8. Beide Seiten der Patties mit Fettspray/Öl besprühen und ab in den 220° heißen Ofen bis sie lecker, knusprig und gold sind.
9. Mit dem Reis servieren und voilà🙂

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RECIPE: Grilled Sweet Potato Soup

This is the best soup I have ever made (maybe even that I’ve ever tasted). I saw the recipe on the hungry birdie and I knew straight away, that I was going to have to try it! I love love love sweet potatoes especially when they’re grilled. I also just got a blender stick thing, so I’m trying to make more soups to make up for the soup-less time, when I didn’t have this magic thing.

The result was so so good, I can’t even describe it, I’m afraid you’ll just have to try it yourself. I did some things slightly differently, so I’ll post my version of the recipe here. But you should definitely all go follow this blog. It’s the first recipe I made from it, but it was so good, that it’ll end in a lifetime subscription for me.

My soup wasn’t vegan anymore in the end, because I made it a tad less thick with regular milk and I used some actual mayo in the dip, but you could easily keep it vegan, by just using more stock to make the soup less thick and by using the recipe on the hungry birdie to make the dip. Oh and one more thing, I’ve decided to post the recipes in German underneath the recipe in English now, because there might be some people who don’t like reading English as much as I do🙂

Grilled Sweet Potato Soup with a Lemon and Garlic Dip
1. Peel and cut into cubes (1cm^2 roughly) 3 Sweet Potatoes (aim for the biggest ones you can find).
2. Put them in a bowl and mix with salt, cayenne pepper, herbs de provence, some curry powder and olive oil. I find it hard to put measurements on this one, because it’s up to your taste. If you don’t like it spicy obviously go light on the cayenne pepper. Generally I’d say don’t be shy about the spices though!
3. Spread the marinated sweet potatoes on an oven tray covered in silver foil and put under the (hot) grill for about 25 minutes. They’re done, when they’re really soft inside, but slightly burny on the outside (that’s how I like them anyway).
4. Whilst they’re in the oven, you tidy the incredible mess you made, you get on with the dip. Mix 1 tablespoon of Mayo, 2-3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (or if you’re feeling fancy greek yoghurt), garlic powder (or fresh garlic, I just get fed up with garlic some days), lemon juice, salt, pepper, a tiny tiny tiny bit of mustard (if you’re not using french mayo that is) and sugar.
5. Put the dip in the fridge, whilst you finish the soup
6. Chop 1 leek (obviously) and let it caramelize in some olive oil whilst you chop 2 carrots, which you add once the leek is nicely caramelized. (Sugar helps, but I don’t want to get you on the unhealthy track)
7. Add in some garlic (fresh or powdered, either will do the job)
8. And now quickly, before the garlic gets bitter, add some vegetable stock and let it simmer until the liquid’s mostly gone. Now (optional) if you’ve got other stuff to do like tidying the mess you made in the process  you can keep going with the adding stock until you want to finish the soup. The longer it cooks, the better it will taste (although there’s probably some sort of asymptotes line concerning how good it can get, just by adding the same ingredient again and again)
9. Add the soft inside, crispy outside sweet potatoes to the pan.
10. Add 200ml of coconut milk
11. Purée the soup
12. Adjust the consistency with either milk or more vegetable stock
13. Serve with some nice baguette and the dip which is waiting for you in the fridge🙂

And now I just have to wait for it to turn lunchtime so I can eat the rest of the soup NOM NOM NOM. Thank you hungrybirdie, I think this will be one of my favourite recipes of all times!
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NIGELLA: Spanish Omelette

I haven’t written about this book on here before (I definitely will do though), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nigella Express Cook Book. When first received, we actually tried out 5 recipes in the 4 days and every single one was exactly what it promised: delicious and very quick.

Feeling a bit nostalgic about not being on holiday in Fuerteventura anymore, I gave Nigella’s spanish omelette a go yesterday and it turned out delicious. It’s exactly the right sort of thing, when you know you’ll have a big-ish dinner, but still want something “small” and nice for lunch (or viceversa obviously). It can be made in advance (in fact Nigella advises that you should, because it shouldn’t be eaten at any temperature higher than room temperature) and is even when you do calculate the potato cooking time in very quick. Obviously it can easily be turned into a proper meal by making a nice salad to go with it too.

If you want to give it a try, the recipe can be found here, but I do recommend EVERYONE should just buy this book, it’s simply amazing!

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Saladsaturday featuring Avocado und Kartoffeln

Ok an sich klingt es nicht nach einer tollen Kombi, aber es ist brilliant!


– 1Avocado

– 1 große, gewürfelte, abgekochte Kartoffel

– 1 Becher Naturjoghurt

– 1 große Möhre

– 1 Zitrone

– 1 Hand voll geriebener Käse

Soße einfach aus Naturjoghurt, Käse, Zitrone, Gewürzen und Zucker anrühren und den Rest dazu geben. Jaja man könnte die Zubereitung mit Sicherheit schöner beschreiben, aber das bringts auf den Punkt.

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