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Things to Try Thursday, 3rd of November


1) I already mentioned my endless love for anything involving Chai flavours: Chai Spiced Buttermilk Pancakes

2) I’m not actually sure about the idea of cornmeal in a cake, but it looks and sounds delicious nevertheless:  Cornmeal Cake with Fresh Corn and Berries 

3) NOM: Plum Kuchen


1) This one doesn’t only bring pasta and pure elegance together, it’s also perfect for this season: Delicata Squash Pasta Shells with Brown Butter Bechamel

2) Always up for a cheeky soup here and there: Creamy Mushroom and Roasted Cauliflower Soup

3) Did you know that you can eat raw brussel sprouts? I definitely didn’t. To be honest, I don’t really eat them too often anyway, but who else but Joy from JoytheBaker could make me want to try it. Here’s a recipe for a delicious sounding salad: Apple, Pomegranate and Brussels Sprout Salad

4) Another salad, this time with Avocados and Wasabi and other deliciousness: Avocado Wasabi Salad

5) This one’s from the same blog as the previous one, which is a vegan blog! Although I’m not a vegan myself, I often find vegan recipes very inspiring. This one uses all sorts of things that I like: Bread + Aubergines + it’s a lasagne: Rustic Bread and Aubergine Lasagne

6) Another Lasagne-y thing, but this time it’s pretty too: Aubergine and Pine Nut Rolled Lasagne

P.S. Isn’t this the most beautiful vegan wedding menu (and I do realise you’ve probably not looked at any before, so it definitely will be) you’ve ever seen?

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