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Things to Try Thursday, 12th of January 2012


1. This one looks like a little delight for breakfast, or second breakfast, or mid-afternoon snacking: Cherry Chocolate Coconut Granola

2. I believe this is a German kind of cake, it’s absolutely delicious and you should all try it: Baumkuchen


1. These Quinoa Cakes look a lot crispier, than the ones, I made a while ago: Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper

2. This definitely looks interesting: Wild Mushroom Vodka Soup 

3. This looks so delightful, and elegant, and mysterious and mmmmmh: Black Sesame Tart with Mushrooms and Feta 

4. As we established last week, I LOVE a fritter, so this is definitely a recipe to be tried: Aubergine, Buffalo Mozzarella and Mint Fritters 

5. And last but not least: because Haloumi can be so delicious: Haloumi, Rocket and Pomegranate Salad

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Things to Try Thursday, 25 August


1) I always think this looks very nice and then when I try it I’m usually surprised that it does actually taste of the fruit in it. I will definitely have to make some Flavoured Water soon.

2) Probably the loveliest description for making pie: Peach Blueberry Pie 


3) I like scones. I’ve never managed to get them just right when making them myself. These however might persuade me to give the whole making scones thing another go: Raspberry Ricotta Scones


1) Kara from livelovepasta.com had the brilliant idea to combine raw veg and dip with the pretty stylish sushi. The result looks and I’m sure tastes delicious: Vegetable Sushi.
I think I’ll definitely try to make these at some point, and I might even go crazy and add some spring onion : ) !

2) Quinoa Black Bean Mango Salad – because, you know, I quite like a good quinoa salad. I also like mangos. And beans. So this just sounds pretty good. *
* (Yes the star thing was unnecessary, but I like it) I had actually put this in here just from reading the name, but I decided I should read it and have a look at the photos: it looks just as good!

3) Mmmmmmmh Carbs. Mmmmmmh with Butter. Oh wait AND with Garlic? This way: Hasselback Potatoes

4) I’ve only ever tried Jamie’s version of tomato salad with croutons. But he likes to ruin it with fennel seeds… This recipe sounds a lot more delightful.

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