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FOOD: The Londoner’s Homemade Gyros

Bonjour mes chèrs. The Londoner never fails to tempt me with her delicious recipes. So last Sunday, Daniel and I had a go at her gyros recipe. I don’t eat meat, so for my “wrap” we replaced the chicken with some shop-bought falafels (you can get really nice ones that you only need to pop in the oven in the UK). It was everything we had hoped for and better. I was a bit concerned that the Harissa sauce would turn out too spicy, but trust her, it is just perfect! In fact I’ve made it again since. So, even if you’re not going to make the whole recipe, I strongly recommend you give that sauce a go🙂

We had these bad boys of wraps with some home-made potato and sweet potato wedges, for which we just cut 3 regular (Maris Piper I believe) and 1 sweet potato into wedges and marinated them in olive oil, paprika, cajun, smoked salt and pepper before putting them in a very hot oven for approximately 35 minutes. 

I really really enjoyed this whole meal and I also think that it would be great if you have dinner guests. Replace the chicken with falafels for anyone who doesn’t eat/like meat and you have a wonderfully fuss-free meal. You can prepare pretty much everything before hand, so when your guests arrive, you just need to put the marinated potatoes in the oven, have a couple of drinks with your friends and just before the meal, grill the chicken/chuck the falafels in the oven
Give it a go🙂 You can find the recipe here

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RECIPE: Carrot and Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic

1. Start by taking 1 whole garlic bulb, cut off the top, cover in olive oil, wrap in silver foil and place in the very hot oven until the insides are very soft.
2. Caramelize one chopped leek with some sugar in olive oil, then add 5 peeled and chopped up carrots.
3. Fill up the saucepan with good vegetable stock and then add 1 potato (peeled and cut into little cubes)
4. Let it simmer for roughly 25 minutes. During this time, you can adjust the taste to your flavour, I used the usual: salt, pepper, a hint of cayenne pepper, garlic powder and curry powder.
5. When the garlic is done, squeeze in quite a few gloves (don’t worry, it’s much sweeter and less sharp when it’s roasted).
6. Mix in some cream.
7. Liquidize and serve with some marinated feta cubes.

1. Das obere einer ganzen Knoblauchknolle abschneiden, mit Olivenöl einreiben, in Alufolie wickeln und in den heißen Ofen damit, bis das Innere weich ist.
2. Kleingeschnittenen Lauch karamellisieren mit etwas Zucker, anschließend 5 geschälte und klein geschnittene Möhren hinzufügen, und den Topf mit Gemüsebrühe auffüllen.
3. 1 große, geschälte und in kleine Würfel geschnittene Kartoffel dazu geben und für ca 25 Minuten köcheln lassen.
4. Während die Suppe köchelt, habt ihr Zeit, die Suppe mit Gewürzen nach eurem Geschmack zu verfeinern. Ich habe Curry Pulver, Salz, Pfeffer, ein wenig Cayenne Pfeffer und Knoblauchpulver getan.
5. Wenn der Knoblauch fertig ist, ein paar Zehen Knoblauch aus der Schale drücken (nicht schüchtern sein, der Knoblauch ist nach dem backen nicht mehr so streng, sondern eher süßlich).
6. Mit Sahne abschmecken und pürieren.

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Things to Try Thursday, 25 August


1) I always think this looks very nice and then when I try it I’m usually surprised that it does actually taste of the fruit in it. I will definitely have to make some Flavoured Water soon.

2) Probably the loveliest description for making pie: Peach Blueberry Pie 


3) I like scones. I’ve never managed to get them just right when making them myself. These however might persuade me to give the whole making scones thing another go: Raspberry Ricotta Scones


1) Kara from livelovepasta.com had the brilliant idea to combine raw veg and dip with the pretty stylish sushi. The result looks and I’m sure tastes delicious: Vegetable Sushi.
I think I’ll definitely try to make these at some point, and I might even go crazy and add some spring onion : ) !

2) Quinoa Black Bean Mango Salad – because, you know, I quite like a good quinoa salad. I also like mangos. And beans. So this just sounds pretty good. *
* (Yes the star thing was unnecessary, but I like it) I had actually put this in here just from reading the name, but I decided I should read it and have a look at the photos: it looks just as good!

3) Mmmmmmmh Carbs. Mmmmmmh with Butter. Oh wait AND with Garlic? This way: Hasselback Potatoes

4) I’ve only ever tried Jamie’s version of tomato salad with croutons. But he likes to ruin it with fennel seeds… This recipe sounds a lot more delightful.

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