1st Update: The Veg Box Challenge

I love having this vegetable box, it challenges me to use more veg every day and to try out new stuff. Since friday, we’ve used quite a lot of the vegetables. Here’s what we did.

Friday Night: Pasta with a creamy chard sauce
This actually turned out to be absolutely delicious! We had never used chard before, so we really didn’t know how it would turn out, but we decided to just give it a go.
(It was a friday, so it would have been acceptable to order Pizza if it had gone wrong). It didn’t go wrong though, instead it was super nice!

Not that it’s much of a recipe, but here’s what we did:
– Cut the chard stalks into little pieces and roughly chop the leaves.
– In a frying pan, slowly caramelize 1 chopped red onion.
– Add the chard stalks and cover in (good quality of course) vegetable stock, and cook for about 5 minutes or until tender.
– Cook pasta according to package instructions.
– Add the chopped leaves and cook for a little longer, keep adding vegetable stock, don’t let it become dry.
– We didn’t add many spices at all (the vegetable stock really did all the work), but a little curry powder works well.
– When the vegetable stock is cooked off a little, but it’s still and runny, add 1 big dollop of crème fraîche.
– Grate in Parmesan and add some freshly ground black pepper and serve with the pasta (add pasta water in case it’s gotten a little drier than you expected).
– Eat! Be surprised how good chard tastes!

Saturday Night: Noodles
Not much to say about this, it was a nice enough dinner, but nothing too special (I like having simple dishes where it’s all about a couple of fresh ingredients). For this we used shiitake mushrooms (that we bought the other day, non-veg box related, but still needed using up*) and the red pepper from the box.

Sunday Night: (Fake) Mustard Chicken
This one is from the 30 minute meals by Jamie Oliver cookbook. I don’t eat meat, so I have it with what I like to call fake chicken. You can find the recipe here. Unfortunately we had used all the chard up by this stage, but we used the spinach and peas (from the freezer, not veg box) to make do for the “greens”.
In case you make this, I find that it’s too creamy if you have a creamy chicken sauce and a dauphinoise, so when we made it on sunday, we went for roasted new potatoes (so easy and so delicious! Cook potatoes as instructed, then crush a little with a fork and add crushed garlic, salt, rosemary and olive oil. Spread on an oven tray and place under hot grill until crispy).

Monday Night: Falafel Flatbreads
I’ve blogged about these before here, they’re made using this recipe from TheLondoner. Just this time we used the avocado and red cabbage from the vegetable box. The red cabbage added a nice little crunch to it (I hate lettuce, so this was a welcome alternative).

So that’s it so far I think. I’ve just roasted the beetroot, so we can turn it into some sort of pasta sauce (with feta mmh) tonight and the plan is to have sweet potato burgers with spicy rice tomorrow. I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend! Does anyone have a good idea for the purple carrots? I know they’re just like normal carrots, but I would like to make something exiting!!

* When I talk about ingredients that need using up, I mean it. I’m not like certain TV cooks who claim to just randomly have 4kg of Parmesan or a role of Goats Cheese that definitely need using up that very day.

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2 thoughts on “1st Update: The Veg Box Challenge

  1. bachmichels says:

    Himmel, das hört sich ja alles total lecker an. Schade, dass es nicht auf deutsch ist, vielleicht hätte ich mich ja doch mal hinreissen lassen etwas nachzukochen (ok schlechter Scherz :-))

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