The Veg Box Challenge

Say hello to the vegetable box, she’s called Small Gourmet. As if by magic, she comes to my house every Friday and presents me with delicious, fresh, seasonal vegetables (8 different ones!). I like her, a lot.

Ok so here’s the deal. For my birthday, my lovely mum gave me a vegetable box subscription from Abel and Cole. There’s lots of different vegetable (and/or fruit) boxes to choose from and you can even add fresh milk, yoghurt, herbs, eggs, meat, fish etc etc to your order. I’ve gone for the small gourmet box: 8 types of seasonal veg with the more adventurous things included. Interesting huh? 
Each week you can check out online what vegetables will supposedly be in your box, and if there’s one, you just know, you won’t eat, you can put it on your dislike list and they will replace it with something else.
Obviously this comes at a cost, but the prices start at 9 Pound which isn’t too bad, if you consider that it’s brought to your doorstep and that you will get super fresh and delicious veggies! I also like it, because it gets you to try out new things, that you probably wouldn’t have picked up at the supermarket.

Anyway, I’ve just received my second box today and I thought I’d share the whole experience (I also think I’ll try even harder to really make use of everything, but we’ll see).

Here’s what I got this week:
– Avocado
– Beetroot Bunch
– Purple Carrots
– Red Pointed Cabbage
– Baby Spinach
– Chard
– Red Pepper
– Sweet Potatoes.

I’m currently trying to work out, what I can make each of the above ingredients. If you have any recipe that really brings out the best of any of those veggies, please do share : ).
I will try and keep you updated how I use all these lovely ingredients as we go along.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “The Veg Box Challenge

  1. Emma says:

    I got exactly the same box today! Have already planned to have salad this evening with baby spinach and avocado and grated purple carrots, along with some crispy bacon (I always have bacon to hand!). Tomorrow is borscht, and Sunday is Japanese curry with purple carrots and sweet potato. Hope this gives you some ideas!

    • kirschplunder says:

      Oh cool! That sounds brilliant, I think we might have a chard pasta sauce with cream and tomatoes… Curry definitely sounds like a good idea and always up for some salad as long as it involves Avocado🙂 So thank you!!

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