Jeans JEANS Jeans

I’ve bought 2 pairs of jeans today! TWO. That’s more than one and I like them. Strange huh. I hate buying jeans. They never fit me, and I always give into buying ones I don’t like, just because I need one.
Today however I bought two. Because I loved them! Both of them!
We went to an Outlet Centre near me today (which is great, I just always forget it’s there) and I thought I’d give this Levi’s thing a go (where they measure what your proportions are and then put you into a jeans category that will hopefully really suit your figure). I wasn’t sure whether they would do this service at an outlet centre, but the girl I asked was incredibly professional and nice (if you go there, watch out for a petite blonde girl). She said I was exactly between slight and semi curvy so I could wear both. She also got a lot of brownie points for saying she thinks I’m a size smaller than what I thought. If you, like me, struggle to find a nicely fitting jeans, you should definitely give this a go!

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