Londooooon avec Stephanie.

Yesterday was a nice day! I finally met my friend Stephi again after 4 weeks (waheeeey) and I finally persuaded her to give The Gate a go. Needless to say that she loved it (as if anyone wouldn’t, right?). 

We also went to Tate Modern beforehand and part of it was really cool, but lots of it was seriously weird (I guess that’s what you get for deciding to look at modern art. There’s a reason there’s so many jokes about it and I think I’m just not intellectual enough to get it. I’ll work on it, maybe in a years time, I’ll write you amazing blogposts about how I see art, who knows). The view from the gallery was pretty amazing though.

We also had a wander round crazy camden market, which is you know a fairly strange place, but also pretty nice, especially when the sun is out.

(These are FILLED Churros! How cool is that?)

What have you been up to this weekend?

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