RECIPE: Summer Curry with Grilled Halloumi in Biryani Marinade

Curry doesn’t really sound like it’s something you’d fancy when it’s really hot, does it? (I know I know, indian people supposedly do it too and they also drink hot tea which apparently cools them down, but I just still normally don’t feel like heavy, hot food when it’s hot, ok??). Anyway. I thought this could be nice, because I like to see it as more of a salad than a curry. It’s got all the flavours we like in a curry plus some additional halloumi minus the heaviness of a curry.

RECIPE: Summer Curry with Grilled Halloumi in Biryani Marinade

1. Start by marinating the Halloumi. Cut it into little rectangles (think size of a matches package) and use your fingers to coat it in Biryani curry paste.
2. Chop 1 shallot
3. Cut 3 tomatoes and 1 red pepper into little squares
4. Fry 2-3 tablespoons of Biryani Curry paste and then add the shallots.
5. When the shallots have taken on some colour, add the tomatoes, peppers, a handful of frozen spinach and a couple of tablespoons of water.
6. Boil two bags of Basmati rice according to instructions
7. When the vegetables have had a little time to cook and the water has evaporated, add 100ml of coconut milk.
8. Add the juice of half a lime (or more if you like) and the rice and let it cool down a little, whilst:
9. You fry the Halloumi pieces in a hot pan until they’re a little crispy on the outside
10. Serve the Halloumi with the Summer Curry Rice Salad and enjoy!
11. Oh and one more thing, I forgot to buy Coriander, but if you fancy it, it would make it taste even nicer!


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