RECIPE: Poached Egg with Avocado-Pea-Coriander Mousse

Remember? A week or so I made Eggs Florentine and it made me think that surely there’s a lot of similar-ish things you can do with poached eggs. Whilst I really liked the idea of toasted brioche with something shiny and green, I wasn’t sure if the spinach was ideal. It was nice, but not my favourite. I also messed up the hollandaise a little last time, so I thought I’d better do another sauce!

So yesterday I decided to make something slightly similar looking which tasted quite different, here’s how I did it!

1) Prepare the Pea-Avocado “Mousse”: Bring some good quality vegetable stock to the boil and add frozen peas and cook until they’re done.

2) Whilst that’s happening, mush up 1 very ripe Avocado, add quite a lot of chopped up coriander and some fresh lemon juice.

3) When the peas are done, put some aside and mush the others up and mix with the avocado mixture. Add in the whole peas to make it look slightly nicer and mix the whole mousse with some salt.

4) Roughly chop some mushrooms, fry them in a tiny bit of olive oil and sprinkle with curry powder. Like with the bruschetta, you don’t want them to be well done, they should contain some liquid, because for this dish, you want them to taste quite fresh.

4) Make the crème fraiche sauce or dressing by mixing crème fraîche, salt, pepper, sugar, red wine vinegar, fresh chives and coriander

5) Slice 1 brioche, brush with some olive oil and put under the grill. Be careful though, they burn very quickly!

6) Poach 1 egg

7) Assemble by putting mousse on the toasted brioche followed by the poached egg and sprinkled with the mushrooms. To finish off put the crème fraîche sauce/dressing on et voilà

8) If you want to make it look prettier, you can also top it with the “hat” thing on the brioche that wasn’t big enough to slice and some fresh slices of avocado!

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