London Trip

On friday I went on a very short (37hrs) trip to London. To see Monsieur Daniel.

We had the best weekend. D took me to see the play “Blood Brothers” which is a fairly society critical play outlining how different people’s perspectives are, even with the same genes. The play is about twins that get separated on the day of their birth, because their birth mother, who earns her money with cleaning, can’t possibly feed another child, whilst the woman that she works for is unable to conceive. The birth mother agrees to give one child away under the one condition, that she will see the baby every day.

Obviously it doesn’t all go too well. The wealthy mother soon gets anxcious with the birth mother around, so she makes her redundant and tries to keep her child away from the other one. One day they meet though and immediately want to become best friends and therefore blood brothers. I’m not going to go into much more detail, but from then on, the play mainly outlines how different their lives become, one goes to a boarding school with very good reputation, whilst the other one can only attend the local school. Following the boarding school, the boy who grew up in the rich family goes to Oxbridge, whilst the other one becomes a worker that soon becomes redundant and so on.

It’s a very thought provoking play and especially the end is quite sad and touching. If you get a chance, you should definitely go and see it! At the moment it’s on in the Phoenix Theatre in London.

Anyway, the play wasn’t the only amazing thing we did yesterday. We went for lunch at Jamie’s Italian and anyone who’s following me on Twitter might have seen that we went to the absolutely amazing Vanille Black for dinner. The food was absolute divine, but as said before, I will describe the restaurant in a separate blogpost. All I’ll say now, is that it’s a purely vegetarian restaurant and that it’s recommended by the Michelin Guide for I believe three years in a row now.

As you might be able to tell by now, I had the bestest weekend, even though weather-wise London was, you know, London🙂. But then, I think with company this amazing I and food that makes it hard to stop “mmmmmmmmmh”ing, the world could probably look like it would end soon and I would still have a great time.

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2 thoughts on “London Trip

  1. bachmichels says:

    Das hört sich nach einem großartigen Wochenende an. Etwas für Geist, Seele und Körper🙂

  2. […] a vegetarian restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide. Going there was also (like the Theatre ticket to Blood Brothers) part of my present from the amazing […]

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