Things to Try Thursday (11 August)


1) Even thought it doesn’t necessarily seem that way, it still is summer, and how much more summery than Blueberry Lemonade can it get?

2) I know at least one person, that would/will really appreciate these, but to be honest, I think most people would, because there’s nothing to dislike about the idea of Brownie Crisps and Icecream Sandwiches

3)This one just sounds and looks so incredibly light and fresh and summery and it’s got rose extract in, which makes it sound romantic too: Pink Grapefruit and Rose Cake

4) No words needed: Blueberry and Strawberry Clafoutis


1) This one sounds like it could make for a nice and easy lunch: Pea, Basil and Feta Cheese Frittata

2) As mentioned a couple of times, I love butternut squash and this Butternut Squash, Feta Cheese and Rosemary Quiche just sounds too tempting to resist.

3) I’m always looking for ways to use quinoa, since it’s so healthy and keeps you full for quite a while. Quinoa combined with courgettes? Sounds good to me: Quinoa Courgette Cakes

4) BBQing as a vegetarian can become a little bit boring, especially when it’s always the old marinated feta and roasted veg (did I mention that I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables), so Aubergine Veggie Burgers sound like a good alternative to me!

5) This recipe actually includes a sweet and a savoury part, but if I actually get to try one, it will probably be the savoury one: Japaleno-Cheese Soft Pretzels (the other one included in this recipe is apple pie soft pretzels, so if you’re more of a sweet person, you should still have a look!)

6) Mushrooms, Pasta, simple, delicious, try: Wild Mushroom Pasta 

7) This one is not exactly revolutionary, I’ve had it many times, but I haven’t actually made it yet (…and the vinaigrette in this one sounds very delicious): Greek Salad

8) I haven’t exactly figured out what this one is, but it looks like it’s some sort of flatbread and even more important it’s topped with some marinated and grilled courgettes. Most of all, whatever it is, it looks like something I’d enjoy, it’s called: Piadine with Grilled Courgettes

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