DISCOVER: Secret Supper Clubs

Secret Supper Clubs aren’t just called secret, because they are sort of on the border of legality and because their location won’t be shared until just before, but also because it’s done by people who secretly want to be cooks, but for some reason, be it working hours, pay or something the like, chose to follow a different career path. For those people it’s perfect, because it gives them the opportunity to cook, whenever it suits them, for an audience they get to choose and without having to depend on the income they create through this.

Okay so just in case you haven’t heard of secret supper clubs yet, this is what they are about:

Someone who enjoys cooking for people with a normal day-to-day job hosts little dinner events, for which he/she creates a menu. This can be however difficult/easy/twisty as the host wants and it can also be any amount of courses they like. The host usually either sets a price for the meal or asks for a donation. However, drinks are not provided, because the host doesn’t have a license to give out (alcoholic) beverages. The guests are therefore encouraged to bring drinks themselves.

Anyway, since I am in London at the moment, but not able to host one of these clubs, I want to be guest in one. However, it’s really really not easy to choose and/or find one that’s actually available at the moment. Here are some of the ones, that I like the look of:

1) First up there’s a pretty big and actually famous one which is The Loft Project which they describe as an experiment in food and people, set within an intimate and beautifully considered environment in East London. This project was started by Nuno Mendes and Clarise Faria. It was meant to only be a temporary supper club and a test kitchen but it’s now used to give talented chefs the opportunity to showcase their food, which I think is a brilliant idea.
Every evening there is a maximum of 16 diners, who (apparently) are encouraged to walk into the kitchen to have a look and/or ask questions.

Whilst I’d love to go there, I think it’s a tiny bit over my budget (about 100 GBP per person). However most reviews suggest that it’s worth it! Maybe one day…

2) Then there is the hush supper club, which in my opinion sounds pretty amazing. This one serves sumptuous, fresh, vegetarian Indian cuisine. I’ve been following the blog for a while, and it just sounds so so nice, not only does it talk of mango lassi, minty chai and cinnamon and saffron infused gin and tonic, but also that, to make an appointment, you need to fill out a little questionnaire, where you for example have to tell one short anecdote, that says something about you. It’s designed to make it easier to get into conversations on the actual night.

However this one is also not going to happen (at least not on this visit), since “Hush” is currently in America and will be for a couple of weeks, but I will surely keep this one in mind.

3) The Friday Food Club hosts one event a month to bring together the foodies of London and surrounding areas. The food is cooked by a classicly trained chef and is usually british with a twist. I especially like that they publish their recipes afterwards!

Sadly again, there is no event that fits into the 10 days that I am in London.

4)  For fans of vegan food, I like the look of Veganpeasant (seriously, have a look at the photos!). Their concept is to have delicious vegan food with simple but high quality ingredients. The food is always meant to be healthy and they try to only use organic ingredients.

Whilst I really really like the concept, sadly this will be another miss for now, because it doesn’t work date wise!

Ok so at the moment it really doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, but you know… one day🙂

For more secret supper clubs, you can have a look at, where there is a list of pretty much all of them in every country.

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