Things To Try Thursday – THE FIRST MESS

Photo by Laura and used with permission (link to the original post:

Photo by Laura and used with permission (link to the original post:

Yo! I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit and rather than presenting you with a selection of recipes I’ve come across on various blogs, I’d like to present you with the recipes that tickled me the most from a specific blog. The reason I’m putting the focus on one particular blog is, because I was just going through Laura (The First Mess)’s blog and the very first recipe that came up I liked, so I decided to put it in my draft for this week’s Things To Try Thursday (which I often do, surprisingly the list is often not compiled at once), but then as I scrolled through and through her blog and found myself going through numerous next pages, finding numerous recipes I definitely want to try out, I thought why not dedicate a Things To Try Thursday to a food blogger, that I really admire? And here we are :) Laura has an absolutely beautiful blog, as I said amazing sounding recipes, and breathtakingly pretty photos, you definitely have to go and check it out!


♔ Is this dreamy or what? A Rhubarb Fool with Vanilla and Coconut Cream


♔ I confessed my love for well cooked Aubergine before, this recipe seems perfect – Caponata Panzanella

♔ This is so inventive, yet so immediately appealing – A simple Balsamic Melon Salad

♔ How tasty and refreshing does this look? So creative – Chili, Lime Cucumber Noodles on Salted Watermelon with Mint and Basil

♔ Pretty and probably very tasty – Asparagus Salad with Sesame, Chilli and Limi Dressing

♔ This one seems like the perfect autumn dish – Butternut and Corn Salad


♔ I’m not always 100% on board with green smoothies, but this one seems indulgent AND healthy. Score! The Green Drink

♔ I know summer’s almost over, but come on, how refreshing does this look? Icecold Hot Pink Lemonade with Lavender

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2 thoughts on “Things To Try Thursday – THE FIRST MESS

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you SO much for your kindness, Johanna! Hope you’re having a lovely week :)

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